Unity Wellness
Experience Strategy & Vision

A new health and wellness brand in Singapore, focused on every aspect of living well and being well.

The Challenge
Unity Pharmacy, part of the NTUC portfolio of retail brands, was falling a distant 3rd in the pharmacy market in Singapore, behind Watsons and Guardian. To combat the trend, Unity stores will be integrated into FairPrice supermarkets, giving them a bigger floor space. But how does this alter the experience, and the brand? 
Wellness is more than just HABA. 
Products alone don't cater for 
multi-faceted needs. 

 3 Phase Approach
We undertook a 3 phase approach. First we entered the Discovery phase, where stakeholder interviews discovered the business challenges from Unity and FairPrice. We interviewed stakeholders from all major departments, operations, marketing, brand and digital. 
We also carried out extensive but rapid consumer interviews to identify pain points and brand position perspectives. Following the interviews a detailed user journey map was created to help all stakeholders understand the pain points, and opportunities. 
Lastly we looked outside of the category to identify key shifts in consumer behaviour that change our shoppers expectations of how they interact with brands. Several workshops with C-Suite at FairPrice paved the way for a new vision. 

A New Wellness Vision
Unity was seen as a place to go when you fall sick, a place to pick up medication. The solution was a completely new way of looking at Unity's business. Using FairPrice's large product assortment, including fresh fruit and organic products, we proposed a new wellness offering, a brand that would stand for not just physical health, but offering support and help in all aspects of being well. Everything from healthy eating to medication, to beauty. 
Rapid Vision Sprint
We undertook a rapid sprint to ideate and bring the vision to life through innovations using sketching and storyboards.
We created an ecosystem of innovations that would support consumers in their health and wellness everyday. Core features were defined, with multiple innovations living under each. Everything from how the retail space should be designed, to how staff should interact with people, to digital guides, and events. 
Presented to the CEO
This vision was presented to the FairPrice CEO, and the board. It resonated so well with them that we moved into a new phase to bring the vision to life. 

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