Interaction Design / Installation

A interactive kiosk designed to allow commuters access to the world of YouTube content.

The Challenge
YouTube Go is a light version of YouTube specifically built for the Indian market, with added features such as Offline video watching. How do we make Indians aware of the power of the new app, while allowing them to download in a data starved environment. 

The Solution
Entertainment Express brings the power of YouTube to commuters at Delhi's major train station, a place with long queues, and bored travelers.  A 3D installation was erected, allowing travelers to browse the great content of YouTube, and create a personal playlist just for them. They could then send the playlist to their phone and download the app. Their playlist would be ready to watch on their long train ride. 

Designed for realities of India
While fast data connections and consumption of video is a norm in most of Asia, India still lags behind. Smart phone owners are concerned about the amount of data they consume, and slow data connections make it difficult to provide media rich experiences. Because of this certain digital services have yet to be adopted such as QR codes. 
Entertainment Express was designed with these realities in mind. Users can browse the content and watch previews directly from the installation, and once their playlist is ready, receive an SMS to their phones, a method that is ubiquitous in India.

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