Nike Bangkok
Experience Strategy

An onmi-channel experience strategy for the launch of Nike apps, events and retail in Bangkok.

The Challenge
Nike came to us with a simple ask. How do they launch Nike + ecosystem of apps, events, retail services, in a new city of Bangkok and get the youth of Thailand running more?
No easy task considering the vast difference in user behaviour to previous Nike + city initiatives such as Tokyo, Sydney and Shanghai. 
Nike needed a strategy to ensure the launch resonated with athletes, and the youth of Bangkok - some of the most digital savvy and social consumers in the world, used to using social apps like Line to interact with brands. 
The Approach

I undertook a deep dive into both the market, consumers and Nike business to understand exactly what athletes expect from brand interactions today.

We also interviewed Nike Coaches on the ground to gather first hand evidence of how thai youth are running.
The Outcome
A detailed ecosystem was designed to allow Nike to understand exactly the roles of each touch point, from the NRC app, the Nike Coaches, the Nike Live events, and the retail properties. 
LINE x Virtual Coach
Additionally we introduced a new touchpoint in the ecosystem, unique to South East Asia. Line is a common used app by Thai youth. We created a Line page, and allowed users to connect their Nike+ account to their Line data to allow a new level of personalisation.

As not all thai youth could reach the Nike Live events every week, a virtual coach was developed and built within Line. Coach Bot allowed runners to simply type 'RUN' and receive tips and routes to run around their location. 

Breaking 2

The climax of this new initiative was Breaking 2 campaign - Run with Toon. Thai youth could connect their Nike+ running app to their Line account. As they run with the Nike+ account their running KM were clocked into Line, and added with their friends. Collectively the youth of BKK could run with Toon, supporting him on his epic journey.  

The Results

The experience strategy gave Nike SEA and the local BKK team a clear vision for how every touch point should be used to enable a greater experience. Each touchpoint served a clear role, from the Line account, to the NRC app, to the Live events and retail spaces.
NRC live events saw some of the 
highest participant rates in all of APAC 
The strategy ignited the passion of the thai youth, and they came out in droves. They took up the call to arms spectacularly. NRC live events saw some of the highest participant rates in all of APAC, with the #NRCBKK hashtag showing huge support for the initiatives. 

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