Year With Uber 2017
Experience Design

A mobile first digital experience to celebrate a year in Uber, using data driven story-telling. 

The Challenge
With opinions of Uber declining in South East Asia and people beginning to have a negative sentiment towards the brand, how do we embed a sense of fun back into Uber, whilst highlighting a more personal aspects of the service? A diverse region also brings difficulties in creating one experience for all, with different languages, different cultures and different Uber services available across the region.

The Idea
To convey the very personal aspect of the brand, we created a completely unique experience for everyone. Using Uber data, we allowed users to log in with their Uber account - collecting all their ride data for the past year - and building a completely personal music video for them. With rich colourful illustrations to highlight the diversity of the region, and a music track that brings fun and laughter to the experience. Over 5,100 possible combinations, each music video contains personal data points, whilst bringing in regional snippets, so no matter who you are, or where you used Uber you'll have a personal music video to share with friends. 

The Execution
A micro web experience was created - accessible by the web, and also from the Uber app through Uber's helix card. After the user logs in with their Uber account, their ride data is retrieved. Everything from the number of rides, the Uber types used, and where the rides took place, are merged into a fun music video. 
The videos are designed to function across standard browsers as well as in-app browsers, and they incorporate CSS and HTML5 Canvas visual effects and transitions. In addition, the experience is designed to seamlessly work on social apps like Facebook, Twitter, and LINE.
Potential combinations of different visuals, instrumentals, and lyrics
Each data point has several different combinations based on the result. With over 5,100 different combinations, and a launch across one of the most diverse regions in the world, user flows and logic diagrams where created to ensure the best experience for every user.
Characters were designed to feature in the different scenes available, representing the diverse range of cultures, races and religions across the region. 


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